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About Jeepers Back the Blue Foundation

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On April 26, 2017, Delaware State Trooper Cpl Stephen Ballard was killed in the line of duty. The jeep community came together to honor his sacrifice when 75 jeeps convoyed to his Troop to thank him and his family for his service. The day was full of emotion, and we decided to do it again the following year but end in a law enforcement appreciation event.  In one year we went from 75 jeeps to 709!

It was then that we knew how amazing the jeep community was and how much they supported our men and women in blue.  The Jeepers Back the Blue Foundation was created in 2019 with the intent to help the families of Officers that pass away while active duty but not in the line of duty. We have also focused on supporting scholarship programs that support the children of LEO's.

Many times, the deaths of Officers that are not killed in the line of duty, never make the news. These Officers families don't get the financial support that a line of duty death comes with, and they are left without a loved one and a means of support. We help to bridge that gap by trying to help these families get through a difficult time both emotionally and financially.

We look for families all over the country where the Officer has school aged children at home who feel the impact the most. We then reach out to the department of that Officer and offer our help. It is with the support of you and the entire jeep community that we are able to continue to help make a difference. 

Support the Foundation

We can not accomplish our mission without the help from people just like you. In just over 5 years we have raised over $500,000 that has gone on to support 38 families in 23 different states. Whether it be visiting our online store, donating to our cause, or attending our events, your support is appreciated and needed. 

Thank you!

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